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No one has ever asked me if I enjoyed delivering the bad news…I am the HR person, therefore I FIRE, whether I like it or not!

No one has ever asked me for organizational tips!  I am a slightly disorganized HR person.  I utilize the highly functional pile system.  Everything this there…in a pile…on my desk.  Just give me an hour or two to find it.

No one has ever asked me for diet or exercise tips.  I’ve been on every diet known to man (or woman) and can still manage to gain weight.

No one has ever asked me to give a sermon.  They are missing out; I have a lot to say!  I’m usually the one in the back taking pictures or serving cake.

Finally, no one has ever asked me to sing solo.  I’ve offered.  Well, I offered when I was in junior high.  I performed, then watched my parents make a hasty exit out the back.  What does that tell you?  You know, I might be lying just a little bit.  Two years ago, I received an invitation from my church to sing in the special holiday choir.  My church is a very modern church, we don’t usually have a choir, just a rocking’ band.  But this was special, I was asked!  Someone must have heard me sing during praise and worship and thought, “that woman needs to be onstage!”

My husband grabbed my letter and said, “YOU were asked to sing?”  And yes, he said it in disbelief!  But he still won’t admit it!

Then he looked down, under the electric bill and the gas bill, was another invitation for him.  They were inviting everyone to sing. So that invite doesn’t count!

  1. Sometimes I resort to the pile organization for my desk, but it drives me crazy. I blame it on the lack of desk space to lay it all out.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have that excuse! I have a HUGE desk…with many piles. My only excuse is the sheer volume of paper that passes through my office.

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