Hello world!

I do not take compliments well.  Particularly when I’ve recently been told something that, in my mind, cancels out that compliment.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to say when one of our younger friends said to me, “Wow, you don’t look 42!”  What a great compliment you might think, right?  Well, temptation was tickling my tongue and I did all I could to hold it still.  My mind works on a completely different level, racing with sarcastic responses, “What, do I look older?  Or do I just look  41, 40?”  I think it’s the bitter 42 year old coming out in me!  Haha!

My super sweet young friend meant it as a sincere compliment, so I forced my mouth to form the words, “Well, thanks!”  And swiftly walked away before I could “one up” even my trash-talking teen.  This poor woman didn’t have a chance.  She could have told me that I radiated beauty and I would have been suspicious.   It wasn’t what she said, how she said it, or who she is.  It was all me, me and my bad day.  You see, I made a mistake.  I got my hair cut.  I’m usually one of those keep-your-hair-the-same-forever-and-ever type of people.  But I took a chance with a great stylist!  I had it cut into a modified bob, lopping at least 4 inches off my coif, and I did it several days before Mrs. Obama showed up with her new bob, so no, I wasn’t copying her.  It’s really cute.  The color, simply wonderful.   I loved it!  My husband said it was adorable.  My stylist is the bomb!  And then I received a little more feedback; according to several other people, my new style was entirely “age appropriate.”  One person even said this with a sigh, as if he was a bit relieved that I finally had hair to match my age.  Ugh.  Seriously?  I’m the 42-year-old woman who has read the Twilight Series three times.  Age appropriate was not what I was going for!  So, I’m on a mission to grow it back out and try to pretend that I’m younger than my 42 years.  Go on, say it, I know what you are thinking.  I care too much about what others think.  And YOU BETCHA! DING DING DING!  WE HAVE A WINNER! I have other, bigger flaws to deal with before I begin to fix that one!  So, yes, I care!  Age appropriate! When a woman has reached that critical age of 40-something, the age appropriate tag is a bit much to swallow.   So what do I do to get this hair to grow fast?

I have another reason to be concerned about my age.  I robbed the cradle.  Ok, I’m not Demi Moore, but he’s 2 years younger than I am technically and probably 10 years younger than I am in hip-ness.  Seriously.  He’s a musician who’s still cute and losing weight because all he does is choke down protein all day long, eschewing even the idea of carbohydrates.  I try to tell him that he should let loose every once in a while.  Have a little rice, a little bread…mashed potatoes?  I’m not trying to make him fail, just slow him down!  He’s hip, cute, thinning (in a good way–he still has all of his hair!) and musically inclined.  I can NOT keep up with this man.  The only person who does not recognize my husband’s coolness is our 16-year-old son.  Thank goodness someone appreciates the mom with the age appropriate hairstyle!

So here I sit, drinking my Crystal Light Peach Tea (and no, I don’t have any sponsors, so that’s what I’m really drinking), trying to get this first post done before my young, hip husband and my 16-year-old get home.  They know I’m blogging, but I hate people looking over my shoulder as I type.  The weather is absolutely beautiful where I live in East Texas.  It’s about 65 degrees with a light breeze and sunny.  This part of Texas usually has nine months of summer, one month of fall, six weeks of winter (usually a rather pathetic 40 degree average winter), and two weeks of spring.  I’m not kidding.  This year has been rather unusual.  This winter lasted longer than any winter I’ve experienced in East Texas and it was cold!  We even had ten inches of snow!  I’ve included a picture of our snowman, Mr. Global Warming, below.  Now, it looks like we may get a whole month or more of spring!  Break out the Zyrtec!  I love the Texas wildflowers that bloom everywhere, but my eyes, skin, and nose do not.  I will medicate them into submission.

I’m trying to decide what I really want to do with this blog.  I mean, why do people BLOG?  I haven’t really figured it out.  So this will be a bit of a journey for me.  I’m not exactly the self-absorbed type, so while I will be writing about me, I won’t enjoy it!  HA!  I think I’ll tell you a little about my life, my family, my friends, my work (that’s going to be tricky, so maybe I won’t tell you about work), and the things we enjoy. Thanks for reading…

  1. Hi there Ms. Beautiful-weather-in-East Texas,
    This is Ms. Sitting-in-a-NY-Starbucks-because-over-100,000-homes-lost-power-last-night-due-to-a-vicious-nor’easter-rainstorm. I live in Westchester County, New York and just left a comment on thesitsgirls site. The advice was to comment on a blogger before mine and I am glad I found you!
    Welcome to the world of blogging and enjoy the journey. There are tons of pundits in this business offering tips and tools that it can get overwhelming fast. My advice will be to follow your heart and blog as you are able. Find your rhythm and follow it; your muse will support your efforts.
    I like your writing style and sense of humor; keep writing. I enjoyed your post above and I totally get your point about the compliment, however, I believe age is just a number — you are more how you feel than how old you are.
    I started blogging just like you, to get ideas out and give my kids something to chuckle about on mom’s internet surfing. It’s been over a year and I love it. I blog weekly and I am at peace with that as I have a busy life with work, family, friends and more…
    Check out my blog and leave a comment. I even have a blog post on “Why blog?”
    Best of wishes to you and your family!
    Eliz Obih-Frank

    • Eliz Obih-Frank,

      Thanks so much! You are my first comment and you have made my day. I am off to check out your blog now! I hope your power is restored soon. I’m so glad that Starbucks is there for you! I’ve been looking for a hobby for a long time. I’ve started and stopped several books and have decided that blogging takes much less commitment, so here I am!

      Thanks again!

      KellyG (WowYoudontlook42)

    • randomshelly
    • March 14th, 2010

    Great post! Very descriptive and well written! I love reading posts like that… but I digress from what I was going to say… I know how you feel about the age thing… I too am about to be 42 and I have a 4.5 year old… He is my only son. So I get those incredulous looks of You’re How Old… which is nice for about 5 seconds and then I sigh!!

    And the Twilight series is in my to-read pile! I won’t watch the movies until I read the book! So you’re hipper than I am – you at least know what it is about! 🙂

    Enjoy blogging. It is fun. It is cathartic and well… you’ll see!

    I’m putting you on my Google Reader page 🙂

    • Thanks, Shelly! Stick with the Twilight books. The movies pale in comparison. And I only read them to make sure my son wasn’t reading something inappropriate! Just because “everybody is reading it” doesn’t mean that they should be read. I was pretty surprised. Very clean.

      Thanks again!

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