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New Name! New Blog!

Ok, I’ve decided that since I don’t have a ton of history on this blog, I’m going to go ahead and move!  Blogging is a hoot and I think this will be my new hobby.  So, if you want to find me.  I’ll be at  I’m going to have limited access to my computer for the next three days (which really stinks), so I’ll be really posting more starting Thursday!  And probably with a MamaKat assignment!  The last several days as wowyoudontlook42 has been fun, but I think I’m going to have way more fun as The Princess Blogger!


Great Expectations

Most every Friday at 4pm, you can find me at my desk (at work), smiling.  It’s my favorite time of the week.  My weekend hasn’t quite started yet, so I haven’t lost any of that precious non-work time, and work is winding down.  We begin our countdown to 5pm.  The people here representing the younger generations are planning outings to see movies, go dancing, and do anything else they can think to do in a smallish Texas town.  Those older employees that surround me aren’t as vocal about their weekend plans, but grandkids and camping are popular commitments. Those in my generation, the very beginning of Gen X, don’t talk much about their weekends either.  To be honest, I think we’re just ready for a break.   My ideal weekend would include great movie rentals, awesome take-out, and non-stop blogging.  Do you sense a theme here?  I’m a homebody!  I will take a quiet weekend at home over shopping and restaurants any day.  This quirk in my personality annoys my husband.  He’s the very opposite of a homebody.  He wants to go out, see friends, go to concerts, see more friends, go, go, go.  In this personality difference, we struggle.  And when it comes to our weekends we both usually have expectations…differing expectations.

While my good-looking younger hubby is the very definition of a social butterfly, my Friday nights usually look like this;

  1. Rush home
  2. Get my bra off and get into pj’s or some other stretchy clothing item
  3. Turn on my big screen television in my bedroom
  4. Grab my laptop
  5. Get into bed
  6. Call Domino’s

Somewhere in the between tossing my bra into the hamper and heading to the television, it hits me.  WE ARE OUT OF EVERYTHING!  EVERYTHING!  Coke Zero, chocolate, milk!  Everything! So, here’s how my peaceful homebody Friday nights usually turn out.

After grabbing my laptop and popping in a video, watched solely by my husband, I;

  1. Type up my grocery shopping list for Saturday
  2. Hyperventilate over the humongous pile of dirty laundry
  3. Obsess over planning to pay the bills (note; I’m obsessing over the planning of paying the bills, not just obsessing over paying them)
  4. Proceed to frown and rush towards the need for Botox
  5. Realize my weekends stink.

Tonight (Friday), my husband put his foot down and demanded a night on the town.  He saved me from my predictable Friday evening behavior.  The sweet man let me choose the restaurant AND took me to a chick flick!  What a great guy!  We enjoyed our Italian food then we watched The Bounty Hunter!  Of course, watching Jennifer Aniston for two hours does make me regret eating the bread sticks.  It was a good night!

Writer’s Workshop

Mama's Losin' It

Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop

No one has ever asked me if I enjoyed delivering the bad news…I am the HR person, therefore I FIRE, whether I like it or not!

No one has ever asked me for organizational tips!  I am a slightly disorganized HR person.  I utilize the highly functional pile system.  Everything this there…in a pile…on my desk.  Just give me an hour or two to find it.

No one has ever asked me for diet or exercise tips.  I’ve been on every diet known to man (or woman) and can still manage to gain weight.

No one has ever asked me to give a sermon.  They are missing out; I have a lot to say!  I’m usually the one in the back taking pictures or serving cake.

Finally, no one has ever asked me to sing solo.  I’ve offered.  Well, I offered when I was in junior high.  I performed, then watched my parents make a hasty exit out the back.  What does that tell you?  You know, I might be lying just a little bit.  Two years ago, I received an invitation from my church to sing in the special holiday choir.  My church is a very modern church, we don’t usually have a choir, just a rocking’ band.  But this was special, I was asked!  Someone must have heard me sing during praise and worship and thought, “that woman needs to be onstage!”

My husband grabbed my letter and said, “YOU were asked to sing?”  And yes, he said it in disbelief!  But he still won’t admit it!

Then he looked down, under the electric bill and the gas bill, was another invitation for him.  They were inviting everyone to sing. So that invite doesn’t count!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Five pages in to this book and I was unsure if I would make it to the end.  Twenty pages in and I was in love.  So, it wasn’t love at first sight!  Who cares!  This was a great book!  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a book of letters; the first obstacle for me.  I like descriptive books with conversation.  I wasn’t too sure this book would meet both expectations.  The book centers around Juliet, an author, just after WWII.  Juliet is looking for a new topic for a newspaper article she has been assigned.  The book follows Juliet as she finds her topic in Guernsey.  After the first twenty pages, I had a difficult time putting the book down.

Kings of Leon

I seriously love this song.  My son hates it.  He hates that his mom loves it.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Since I was at home enjoying the stomach bug that was passed on to me, I used my Netflix streaming video and watched a movie that my husband has refused to rent for me!  Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Ok, I love chick flicks!  Not all chick flicks, but most!  For some reason, the trailer to this particular film did not appeal to me.  So I didn’t push my husband to see it when it was in theaters, nor did I really go out of my way to rent it.  Today, I had time on my hands!

I was surprised.  As far as chick flicks go, it was good!  Isla Fischer was very convincing.  I’m not an avid shopper (probably another reason I didn’t rush to see this movie), but this one made me want to get my credit card out and start charging, well until the end of course!  Glad I watched it.

Get Out of My Head!

Jammies.  Check!  Fluffy pillows.  Check!  I am HOME!  My waist is very thankful that I’m wearing stretchy pj’s instead of the too-tight jeans I wore today.  Exhaling, unrestrained, is wonderful.

So, yes, I am back from church.  My bad attitude is gone, thanks to two leaders who allow God to work through them on Wednesday evenings.  Their lesson was “on the money.”  They “read my mail.”  Ok for those of you that don’t attend church regularly, this does not mean that the lesson was on money or that they were rummaging through my mailbox.  Tonight, in a room full of teenage girls (I volunteer in our church’s youth group), the message was for me.  Wow.  It amazes me that I will deal with something so strongly all day long, telling NO one about it, and then me and my attitude are put on notice.  I’m so glad that I went.  Still, it’s freaky for someone who knows nothing about your situation is led to speak exactly what you need to hear.

I do wish that their message had dealt with all of the junk crowding my life. I guess you can only do so much in a forty-five minute lesson.  At this point, the voices in my head are yelling at a steady loud volume and I’m having trouble focusing on anything.  They (the voices) are angry and so am I. But first, I’m not crazy.  I’m not schizophrenic.  I’m writing about the normal self-talk that we all engage in from time to time.  I’m just having trouble turning it off now.  But I am angry.  Pissed off.  Stomp my foot on the ground and pound my fist on the desk mad.  Why am I so upset?  What is causing me to contemplate packing up our belongings and move to Alaska?  One word.  Family.  Actually, two words with a hyphen would be better; extended-family.  My husband, son, and mom, those that dwell in my house are just wonderful.  My father-in-law is just a doll.  But there are others that make me want to run away and hide, with my husband, son and mom (and father-in-law).  It SUCKS.  That word, SUCKS, is not a very lady-like word, but I am using it appropriately at this time!

I know I’m being vague.  I asked my son, “Son, who did  you tell about my blog?”

Eyes squinting and looking off into space, he replied “Ummm, I’m not sure.”

Lovely.  So, extended family members who have really ticked me off, who have gone out of your way to be hurtful to my family, you KNOW who you ARE.   If you’re reading this, I would stop immediately and go read someone else’s blog.  You know who you are.  You know what you’ve said and done.  Most of all God knows.  Period.

I’ve watched family dynamics keep sisters apart for years.  And when they finally were “brought back together,” it was over the phone, mainly, and rarely.  The relationship was never the same.  Pride comes before the fall.